PONSFORD, Minn. - In the backwoods of Ponsford lives a retired world champion sled dog racer who goes by the name of Fast Eddy.

"I haven't been excited like this since the last time I raced the world championships so I was up half the night pedaling my chair around the table acting like a dog musher," said sled dog legend Eddy Streeper.

Eddy hasn't competed for the last three years. But the itch is back. This time to set a world record.

Twenty mushing pups - all black - pulled 10 sleds on Sunday, Jan. 20, to set the world record for most dog sleds pulled behind one team. The previous record was six sleds. Streeper's rig was 165 feet from the lead dogs to the last sled.

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"I always thought, no sense in setting a record if it doesn't hold very long," Streeper said.

Eddy is convinced that once this record-breaking news hits ears around the country, people will be gunning for the top spot. But, he has a message for anyone who thinks they're up to the task.

"Good luck to whoever is going to challenge us if they want to beat us," Streeper said.