Six Nisswa area biathletes competed at Camp Ripley in the National Guard Summer Festival Roller Ski Biathlon races Saturday and Sunday at Camp Ripley.

In Sunday's Mass Start event, in the Senior and Masters Men 11.25km race, third place went to Josh Duda, with 13 misses in 53:55, finishing ahead of newcomer Evan Ingebrigtson in fourth, with 11 misses, in 57:29.

In the Youth Men's 9.85km division, second place went to Zean Baker, with nine misses, and a time of 35:23, who was outshot in the last bout by the winner, St. Cloud's Nick Proell, with nine misses, and a time of 34:39.

Noah Baker, nine misses, 40:42, finished fifth followed by Ty Hadrits, 11 misses, 41:54 in sixth.

In the Youth Women's 7.75km race, Jenna Ruzich took third with eight misses in 36:34.

In the Individual race Saturday, Ingebrigtson finished eighth with 10 misses in 1:08:36 in the 13.25km Senior Men's event.

In the Youth Men's 11.25km event, Zean Baker was second with 11 misses, 46:27; Noah Baker was fifth with 16 misses in 52:52; followed by Ty Hadrits in sixth with 13 misses in 52:56.