Our question this week for The Rink Live beat reporters is: With COVID causing issues in the NHL, do you think Jack LaFontaine will be the only college player signed before the end of the college season?

Those reporters are Mick Hatten, Jess Myers, Christian Babcock, Shane Frederick, Brad Schlossman, and Matt Wellens. Hatten covers St. Cloud State, Myers covers the University of Minnesota, Babcock covers Bemidji State, Frederick covers Minnesota State University-Mankato, Schlossman covers the University of North Dakota and Wellens covers Minnesota Duluth.

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Hatten (SCSU): I don't think he will be the only one, but I don't think we will see a big rush to sign others unless there is an emergency situation for an organization. That said, we have seen a number of things this season that I never would have anticipated.

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Wellens (UMD): I think, and hope, this will be a one-and-done situation this season as the circumstances are pretty unique in Carolina. However, if a program is facing a long shutdown due to COVID-19 protocols with little to play for late in the season, could you blame a player for wanting to get on the ice to play meaningful games in the NHL?

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Schlossman (UND): I think he will be the only one. It was a unique circumstance at a unique position. I don't think it will become a trend.

Myers (Minnesota): The biggest “flight risks” I see are the players headed to the Olympics. If Owen Power or Jake Sanderson, to pick two prominent collegians, light it up in Beijing, the fans in Buffalo and Ottawa, respectively, will be clamoring to see them in the show ASAP.

Babcock (BSU): We'll see. I've given up trying to predict anything with COVID, so I think anything's possible. But the NHL has plenty of issues right now, so scouting college players is probably pretty firmly on the back burner.