ST. CLOUD - Katy Etterman dove to a runner-up finish to secure the top placement for the Brainerd Warriors in Saturday's Section 8-2A True Team meet.

The Warriors finished third behind Maple Grove and Buffalo with 763.5 points.

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"We swam pretty well, which is something I've been waiting for," said Warrior head coach Dan Anderson. "I'm surprised to be third to be honest. We know Maple Grove is very good and Buffalo has a good team this year, too, but to eat Elk River is a big deal.

"For us it was a case of swimming three meets in the last week. The girls swam well and we got to see some people in our section. Now we'll go back to conference action for a couple of weeks and see what happens."

Katy Etterman

Etterman scored 361.40 for her 11 dives. Olivia Evanson of Maple Grove won the event with 369.00 points. Allison Reuer placed seventh and Becky Walker ninth.

Siri Smith secured a third-place finish in the backstroke and was fifth in the 200 individual medley. Sarah Dens swam to fourth-place finishes in the 200- and 100-yard freestyles. Alex Erickson was fifth in the butterfly and Laura Goll placed sixth in the 500 free.

Team Score: 1-Maple Grove 1,200, 2-Buffalo 830, 3-Brainerd 763.5, 4-St. Cloud Tech 684, 5-Elk River 610.5, 6-Watertown-Mayer-Delano 360

200 medley relay: 1-Maple Grove 1:54.08. 8-Brainerd (Siri Smith, Mariah Moen, Alex Erickson, Grace Bymark) 2:03.95, 10-Brainerd (Betsy Schuldheisz, Grace Larson, Ariana Pelkey, Aylah Pagel), 2:05.52, 19-Brainerd 2:22.07, 20-Brainerd 2:30.23

200 freestyle: 1-Elaine Boosalis (MG) 1:58.29, 4-Sarah Dens (Brd) 2:06.02, 9-Laura Goll (Brd) 2:09.59, 1-Stephanie Hansen (Brd) 2:11.04, 13-Alyssa Hartshorn (Brd) 2:13.18

200 individual medley: 1-Courtney Grunewald (ER) 2:17.54, 5-Smith (Brd) 2:29.56, 12-Schuldheisz (Brd) 2:38.58, 13-Moen (Brd) 2:38.72, 14-Bymark (Brd) 2:39.52

50 freestyle: 1-Alli Schwab (ER) 26.00, 10-Erickson (Brd) 27.76, 11-Pagel (Brd) 27.78, 12t-Laura Boran (Brd) 27.92, 21-Kirstie Billman (Brd) 30.08

Diving: 1-Olivia Evanson (MG) 369, 2-Katy Etterman (Brd) 361.4, 7-Allison Reuer (Brd) 249.9, 9-Becky Walker (Brd) 240.85, 14-Beth Etterman (Brd) 174.95

100 butterfly: 1-Grunewald (ER) 1:02.81, 5-Erickson (Brd) 1:06.86, 8-Bymark (Brd) 1:10.18, 12-Pelkey (Brd) 1:11.98, 14-Enid Swaggert (Brd) 1:16.06

100 freestyle: 1-Nicole Grimit (Tech) 55.28, 4-Dens (Brd) 57.79, 8-Boran (Brd) 1:00.28, 12-Pagel (Brd) 1:03.26, 17-Larson (Brd) 1:04.01

500 freestyle: 1-Mogan Lynch (ER) 5:21.77, 6-Goll 5:41.40, 10-Stephanie Hansen 5:55.64, 13-Alyssa Hartshorn (Brd) 6:01.20, 20-Billman (Brd) 6:28.74

200 freestyle relay 1-Maple Grove 1:45.92, 7-Brainerd (Dens, Goll, Boran, Pagel) 1:50.97, 10-Brainerd (Billman, Moen, Larson, Hansen) 1:55.66, 18-Brainerd 2:06.31, 24-Brainerd 2:14.43

100 backstroke: 1-Tess Behrens (MG) 59.08, 3-Smith (Brd) 1:05.77, 7-Schuldheisz (Brd) 1:09.80, 14-Swaggert (Brd) 1:16.14, 24-Kaylie Johnson (Brd) 1:30.13

100 breaststroke: 1-Alli Schwab (ER) 1:10.83, 9-Pelkey (Brd) 1:21.21, 10-Moen (Brd) 1:21.32, 15-Mindy Jacobson (Brd) 1:22.86, 16-Larson (Brd) 1:23.04

400 freestyle relay: 1-Elk River 3:46.58, 5-Brainerd (Smith, Dens, Bymark, Erickson) 3:57.10, 10-Brainerd (Schuldheisz, Hansen, Goll, Boran) 4:12.15, 16-Brainerd 4:31.00, 21-Brainerd 4:52.11

Next meet: Brainerd at Alexandria 6 p.m. Tuesday.