Bob Olson and his cronies can keep up the noise all they want bashing the mayor. There's a reason, Mr. Olson, that Brainerd citizens didn't elect you mayor last fall. For all your years of bullying on the council, a vast majority of the people you claim to serve have seen through your bull.

Send Bob or Jeff

I'm not in favor of Brainerd having a sister city because we are sending a very thoughtful, kind and considerate man to represent a city of whiners, backstabbers and finger-pointers that complain loudly about everything but refuse to do anything to make it better. Send Bob or Jeff so Sweden can get a real taste of our 3-year-old temper tantrum mentality. I'll donate to the cause if it is for a one-way ticket. Or maybe Jeff would prefer the country of Iowa!

Take the juveniles to Leksand

Dear Mayor, I am all for you going on a taxpayer vacation as long as you take along all the juveniles at the detention center you are closing down. I take it that you feel a trip is more important to you than our youth in the city. You are disgusting.

(Whoa! Mayor Wallin had nothing to do with the juvenile center decision. That was a three-county joint powers enterprise. So that's one thing you can't blame on the mayor of the city of Brainerd. - R.F.M.)

Should be ashamed

When requesting Brainerd's taxpayers to pay for this trip, Mayor Wallin stated that "$4,000 is not much money." That being said, the council's reply could/should have been, "Then pay for your own vacation." For most of Brainerd's taxpayer's $4,000 is a lot of money - whether to spend on a vacation, pay for housing costs and food for a family, pay for health insurance or pay property taxes. Council members should be ashamed for spending public money this way.

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