The March 18 gun show at the Deerwood Auditorium gave us a chance to more accurately price our own collections, plus visit with our like-minded neighbors - you can tell by the bumper stickers in the overflowing parking lot. It also involves fellowship with others who believe, as we do, that gun control is OK - as long as it's voluntary.

What about Alzheimer's?

When are they going to get fluoride, a poison, out of the nation's public water supply? Then we will get rid of the terrible Alzheimer's pandemic. They talk about a bird flu pandemic. What about Alzheimer's?

Many thanks

I want to add my thanks to Cub, the Brainerd Dispatch especially because that's where I picked up my tickets, the Brainerd School District, and of course the pizza place, for the excellent Air Force Academy band concert they had on Tuesday, March 21. I think everybody, even the next day and the day after, are still explaining what a wonderful concert it was and how nice it is that these people bring something like that to the city of Brainerd where people can come and really enjoy.

Wake up politicians

Baxter homeowners were told that dangerous patients would not be treated at the 16-bed community psychiatric hospital. Where will the court send those seriously mentally ill people whose families believe that they are a danger to themselves or others? Can St. Joseph's Medical Center handle these types of cases when the RTC program for them is eliminated? Who decides if they are dangerous or not? Who decides where they are placed? Admissions for inpatient psychiatric treatment have increased in the past few years. How does this translate into planning for fewer psychiatric bids? Wake up, politicians.

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