The mother of the person who killed the

little children and teachers (in Connecticut) was ignorant concerning

just how deeply disturbed her son really was. It seemed she believed a

common meeting ground for her and her son was target practice and guns.


and tragically, the “power mongers” in the National Rifle Association

(NRA) are just as ignorant and dangerous in their beliefs. They believe

only in the “right to bear arms.” The cold, hard, tragic fact is that

there are those who should never have access to firearms.

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cannot even begin to imagine the “terror” in that school and if more

intense background checks and a longer waiting period will stop just

one person from going into a school with the intent to kill, the

legislation needs to be enacted.

To do nothing is not acceptable.

To not try to protect is not acceptable. Our legislators need to show

their courage and their humanity and the NRA needs to elect new leaders

that have the courage and willingness to make needed changes in their own organization.

Please let us do something, to nothing at all is a tragedy.

Debbie Halsted