Mike Pence was selected to head up the White House Coronavirus Task Force. That’s why it was especially disappointing to see not only the man who is our country’s vice president, but the one who is supposed to lead the charge in quelling this crisis not wearing a mask during his recent visit to the Mayor Clinic.

The VP completely disregarded not only the facility’s request, but his own administration's federal guidelines. He is the supposed leader of handling this nationwide epidemic, but he is inaccurately setting the tone that this may not be a serious issue. He’s also conveying that he either doesn’t understand this issue or he doesn’t care. I truly can’t decide which is scarier.

His excuse is that he wanted to look everyone in the eye when he spoke with them; I suspect he’s wearing his mask wrong if it’s covering his eyes. The mask is donned for his own protection, as well as the protection of the all vulnerable patients at the clinic, and the staff that he wanted to thank. What a thank you gift.

He is now potentially spreading around a highly contagious virus amongst the front-line workers. What a slap in the face to those who are taking all the right precautions, risking their families’ safety, and killing themselves sacrificing their own health to help the infected.

Maybe his ineptitude won’t be an indication for how things will go in the coming months. Let’s not hold our breath – unless you’re in VP’s company. Then please, for your own safety, hold your breath.