I would like to convey my appreciation to Mayor Brown and the city of Grand Forks for last week’s decision to issue an executive order allowing the sale of properly sealed mixed drinks for take-out and delivery. It was the right call, as our average sales had been down approximately 65%, and now we have an opportunity to generate more revenue.

This decision is about more than alcohol. It’s about giving people in our community a sense of normalcy during abnormal times – maintaining date night with your favorite dinner and cocktail from a local establishment, for example. It’s about taking reasonable steps to help small businesses do what they can to pay the bills. It’s about our staff, who rely mostly on tipped income, having another means to make a little more cash to help them get by.

My business doubled its food sales this past Saturday, compared to the previous, and more than tripled its overall sales. While we’re still far below normal operations, this change is significant. I am once again ordering from our suppliers, and even planning on bringing back staff because we need more manpower. A challenge that was caused by the city – and is very much welcomed.

I would also like to thank the entire Greater Grand Forks community for the love and support you have given my staff and my family. Without you we would be in a very tough spot, but because of you we are confident that we will make it through this. Thank you.

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