The letter that appeared on InForum Dec. 17 by Kevin Gross regarding innocence and guilt as applied within our legal system is a good example of how Democratic partisans twist reality to form their distorted imaginary world. Our legal system specifically states “innocent until proven guilty," not the other way around.

The burden of proof is placed on the accuser. Apparently, Democratic partisans feel they can convince the rest of us that the cornerstone of our legal system should be suspended in their cynical quest to remove a democratically elected president. Good luck with that, Kevin.

If the impeachment fiasco were a “Twilight Zone” episode, the following nightmare would occur. The political gambit played by the Democrats would result in the removal of the president. The vice president and cabinet members would also be subject to indictment and removal, because they were aware of the “illegal” Ukrainian strategy. At the end of the day, Nancy Pelosi is sitting in the oval office with her legs kicked up and a cigar in her mouth.

I shudder at the thought. A more realistic result of the poorly conceived political strategy exercised by the Democrats is presented in the column by Cal Thomas in the Dec. 19 Forum. Whether Democrats get it or not, this column is probably a much closer reflection of the national heartbeat than they think. If I were a political strategist for the Democrats, I’d memorize that column. Sorry Kevin, “innocent until found guilty” is the way it works in our country.

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