To the editor:

I am writing regarding the Highway 52 Southbound Improvements Project ( following Minnesota Department of Transportation's June 27 informational meeting held in Cannon Falls. Along with details about access closures and a possible Hader interchange, I discovered that the Highway 52/County 7 intersection has J-turns proposed to replace that intersection. Those maps of the proposed road changes for the Hader to Zumbrota project were not the same as those on the MnDOT website.

Immediately I wrote MnDOT District 6 staff that their website should have had the updated maps before the June meeting. In a July 5 email, I was assured that this would be done after the Americans with Disabilities Act compliance requirements for web were met. In that same email, I was told, "When we finalize ADA compliance of the information, we will send an alert via the email list, which numbers more than 1,000 people and continues to grow." Well, I am on that MnDOT email list, and I haven't been sent an email relaying that information.

MnDOT's email also stated, "Additionally, we plan to hold a neighborhood workshop to discuss potential options in the future. While we don't have a date set, please know we are working on it and we will be in touch soon." That was almost three weeks ago.

This whole project proposes to close many accesses and medians along Highway 52 between Hader and Zumbrota. If people wish to crossover to the other side of the highway, they will have to use the proposed Highway 52/County 7 J-turns. If this is a problem for you — farmers with large equipment, freight haulers, bus drivers, firefighters /emergency personnel, milk haulers, campers with trailers, owners of stock/horse trailers and anyone who uses this intersection — please get involved.

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Go to MnDOT's website for this project (listed above), get registered for updates, look at the maps, and please submit your comments. If/when MnDOT agrees to meet with the locals, please attend the neighborhood workshop. J-turns on do not allow good sight lines with enough time to turn. Safety is my concern; we all need to request the safest configurations of our roads.

Barb Stussy

Red Wing