FARGO — Where did the time go? It’s already time for another edition of “Reader Feedback.” Often imitated, never duplicated, it’s the column about you, the readers. It tells you what readers are saying to me or about me on emails, Facebook, or published letters.

About 80% of the comments are marvelous. Here are some of them. “You write thoughtful and accurate articles. I enjoy your column immensely,” “Keep up the great work! It’s keeping the majority of us sane,” “You continue to delight and enlighten us,” “Keep up the great work, and remember you are a lifeline to reality in North Dakota,” “Thank you for your thoughtful, important columns, and always staying the line on truth!,” and “Preach, Jim! BRAVO.”

I am touched by those awesome comments. Thanks so much. Now, let’s hear from readers who have a different perspective on my work, along with my responses.

From Harriet: “Somebody important told me they wouldn’t give you the time of day. How do you feel about that?”

Dear Harriet, How will I ever find out what time it is?

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From Dan: “Thanks Shaw. You just gave me one more reason I’m glad I canceled my Forum prescription.”

Dear Dan, I see you are still reading The Forum. Also, what pharmacy did you receive your Forum prescription from?

From Jack (after a different columnist blasted Republicans): “After reading, as a Republican, I’m afraid you’ve lost your mind.”

Dear Jack, I’m afraid you’ve lost your mind. I didn’t write that column.

From Tim (after my column on the North Dakota Legislature’s Dubious Achievement Awards): “And the Dumba** Want To Be A Journalist Award goes to Jim Shaw.”

Dear Tim, So you’re OK with legislators who disobey their own rules, tell other legislators to “f--- off,” deny equal rights to women, kill programs that prevent unwanted pregnancies and abortions, berate police officers, protect child rapists, participate in signing ceremonies for bills they voted against, and want taxpayers to pay for their meals?

From Steve: “Jim Shaw is an example of the totalitarian left: Those who want to rule and discount anyone who disagrees with them.”

Dear Steve, I am not. Also, I forbid you from writing any more letters that criticize me.

From Dustin: “Jim Shaw taught me Intro to Mass Communications in college. Thank God he doesn’t teach civics and government. It’s clearly something he’s unqualified to talk about.”

Dear Dustin, Maybe you would feel differently about my columns if you studied harder in college.

From Keith (after my column on voter suppression): “I think maybe you should pass an IQ test to vote, that would eliminate you.”

Dear Keith, I’m sorry. I don’t understand what you are saying.

Keep those comments coming, and stay tuned for the next edition of “Reader Feedback.”

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Shaw is a former WDAY TV reporter and former KVRR TV news director. Email jimshawtv@gmail.com