Michael Coachman, a regular if marginal candidate for statewide office in North Dakota, has announced yet another campaign. In 2020 he’ll be running for governor, taking on incumbent Republican Doug Burgum (who has announced yet but has been polling his candidacy) and an eventual Democratic candidate.

Good for Coachman, I think. His past campaigns have been premised on the idea that Republicans aren’t governing conservatively enough. While I’m not sure North Dakota voters are quite as conservative as Coachman and his supporters would like to believe they are, there’s not a thing in the world wrong with bringing his ideas to the race for the Republican nomination.

Coachman has run as an independent in the past. He told reporter Jack Dura he’d be running as a Republican this time around, meaning he’d have to beat out Burgum for the nomination. That’ll be a heavy left for Coachman, especially given his utter lack of fundraising.

During the 2018 election cycle, when he ran for Secretary of State as an independent candidate, he raised just $225.

In 2016, when Coachman was for Lt. Governor along with Bismarck-based gadfly Paul Sorum (who was running for governor), they raised just $100.

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