“There was a lot of learning that was happening about the gun violence issue as a whole, as well as what this bill would really do,” state Rep. Karla Rose Hanson, a Democrat from Fargo, told my colleague John Hageman. “Sometimes things take more than one session.”

Hanson was responding to questions about whether or not she’d re-introduce so-called “red flag” legislation again in a future legislative session (assuming she’s re-elected, she’s on the ballot this cycle).

Her legislation was a non-starter earlier this year. Despite backing from some law enforcement officials, and even some Republicans, HB1537 was quickly shot down on a 17-76 vote in the state House early in the legislative session.

Hanson may feel like recent shootings will bolster political support for her legislation, and to be sure politicians often feel pressure to do something when the public is agitated, even if that something is bad public policy.

But it seems unlikely Hanson, barring major changes to what she is proposing, is going to gain enough support to pass “red flag” legislation in North Dakota.

For good reason, because her legislation was a terrible idea.

As I wrote in a print column earlier this year, what Hanson proposed “would establish a process through which law enforcement and/or friends and family can petition the courts to seize a person’s firearms.”

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