In his letter of Dec. 3, Professor Abraham suggested that my climate data ignored the polar regions.


my climate data is global (includes the poles) as reported by the four

major organizations which collect this data: NASA; NOAA; the UK Hadley

Center; and the UAH.

Professor Abraham is indeed a well known

expert in the field of climate science, but he doesn’t take kindly to

opposing views. He manages to find me no matter where I publish. Note

his recent articles in the StarTribune and the St. Paul Villager.


is also a man named Goggins at the American Wind Energy Institute who

tracks me on the web. Whenever I say something less than complimentary

about wind energy, he jumps in with a rebuttal.   

Those clean

Minnesota fuels they love are what is actually hitting our pocketbook,

as those low density fuels require very large direct subsidies. Those

fuels also need so-called “must take” laws which require utilities to

buy their output.

We do need to continue research on wind, solar,

and biofuels, but at present they are not competitive with fuels where

nature did most of the work.

Rolf Westgard

St. Paul