Jeff Johnson is the clear choice to be Minnesota's next governor. Johnson, a Republican, is well-prepared professionally and through his public service to be governor. Johnson has worked for law firms in Minneapolis and Chicago and also served as an in-house legal counsel for Cargill, with a specialty in employment law. After he was first elected to the Minnesota House of Representatives, Johnson left Cargill and established his own workplace consulting firm. He has worked with the full spectrum of businesses, large and small, and understands that it's vital to create a regulatory environment that fosters job creation.

Besides serving three terms in the Minnesota House, which prepared him well on statewide issues, Johnson has served three terms on the Hennepin County Board of Commissioners, where he is often a lonely conservative voice. He has staked out well-defined positions as a fiscal conservative and as a proponent of school choice. He supports alternatives to incarceration for low-level, nonviolent offenders. Johnson, a native of Detroit Lakes and a graduate of Concordia College, says his Christian faith guides his positions.

Doug Wardlow is our choice for Minnesota's next attorney general. Like Johnson, a fellow Republican, he is a graduate of Georgetown University Law Center, where he graduated with great distinction. He also served as a clerk for a justice on the Minnesota Supreme Court. As a lawyer, he has focused on protecting constitutional rights. He also served a term in the Minnesota House, strengthening his grasp of state issues.

In the Minnesota secretary of state race, we support Steve Simon, who has held the position since 2015. A member of the DFL, Simon has the right priorities for the office: expand access to voting, remove barriers to voting and make business services as streamlined as possible. Earlier in his career, Simon worked as an assistant attorney general and a lawyer in private practice. He also served in the Minnesota House. Simon deserves to stay in the position.

Pam Myhra is our choice for state auditor in Minnesota. A Republican, Myhra is well-qualified for the position as a certified public accountant. She's also worked as an audit manager for an international accounting firm. As a state representative, she pushed public transparency legislation, so she's got an ideal background for the state auditor's position.