BISMARCK — At least nine states allow hunters to wear bright pink clothes while big game hunting, and with a new bill making its way through the Legislature, North Dakota could soon become the tenth.

North Dakota laws allow big game hunters to wear camouflage and fluorescent orange garments, and the proposed bill would add fluorescent pink to that list.

Sen. Kristin Roers, R-Fargo, is the bill's primary sponsor, and she said she is supporting Senate Bill 2143 after she realized many of the hunting clothes that are tailored to fit women are pink. In 2019, she said, she went to a Fargo store, and the only available hunting garments that fit her well were pink.

"If the only option for me to buy a female cut is to wear pink and if that's what the hunting clothing market is producing, you know, let's make it possible for women who do want to hunt to do the right thing and wear something that fits," Roers said.

The law currently states big game hunters need to wear a fluorescent orange head covering and above-the-waist garment that totals at least 400 square inches. If a person fails to do so, they are subject to a $50 fine.

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Minnesota passed a similar bill that allows its hunters to wear bright pink in 2017.

Most states require hunters to wear bright orange so they are more noticeable and will hopefully have a smaller chance of getting shot. Experts say deer see the bright orange as grey, and though there is not a lot of research in the area, it is thought that deer could notice pink even less, according to the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

"The more people who can enjoy the sport of hunting, the better," Roers said.

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