OSLO, Minn. — A small city on the Red River has been turned into an island after rising floodwater water cut off road access over the weekend.

Only around 150 remain in the city of more than 300, according to Mayor Erika Martens, who described it as a "ghost town." For those who chose to remain, it could be weeks before they can drive out again.

Levees protecting the town itself remain strong, though as a cautionary measure Minnesota National Guard soldiers sent to Oslo over the weekend will help place 1,200 sandbags to help protect it from potential wind and waves, city engineer Melissa Knutson said.

The Warren-Alvarado-Oslo School District has set up a temporary school for Oslo students who are cut off from their school 17 miles east in Warren, Minn.

The district is using a room in a car dealership as a makeshift classroom where students are being taught by a teacher and two paraprofessionals, according to Superintendent Lon Jorgenson.

It's not the first time Oslo has been turned into an island. Flooding in 2009 and 2011 cut the community off for weeks.