GRAND FORKS — The Red River crested near Grand Forks and East Grand Forks Friday morning, April 12, but came in at a lower level than predicted. Areas to the north should still prepare for rising waters throughout next week.

Meteorologists said the snow that came with Thursday and Friday’s winter storm may prolong high waters and could cause a slight rise next week, but it isn’t predicted to cause a dramatic change to ongoing flooding.

Grand Forks fell short of the original 48-foot crest predicted to happen Saturday morning. It instead crested Friday morning at 46.87 feet and dropped slightly to 46.6 feet by the afternoon.

In Oslo, Minn., the river was at 37.73 feet Friday afternoon and is expected to crest Saturday afternoon at 37.8 feet.

The river in Drayton, N.D., was at 38.5 feet Friday afternoon and is predicted to reach 42.5 feet by Thursday.

In Pembina, N.D., the Red was at 41.85 feet Friday afternoon and expected to reach 50.8 feet by the end of next week.