WADENA, Minn. — "Stop horsing around and go to prom with me!"

That was the message that greeted senior Cameron Pearson as he stepped through the exterior doors of the Wadena-Deer Creek High School Thursday morning, March 12.

He was greeted by smiling senior Michaela Roemmich, who was flanked by Stormy (a pony) and Leo (a horse). Michaela had hold of the reins and Cameron's favorite pop and candy as she waited for a response. He promptly accepted the proposal to prom.

"I had no idea," Cameron said of the proposal. "It was such a big surprise to me. I did like it."

Michaela said the idea to show up outside school with the equine wasn't too wild compared to some of the proposals she saw while living in the Cities. Since moving to the area, she said she wanted to do something to stand out. She picked a day where Cam wouldn't miss out on much.

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"We like always did stuff like this," Michaela said. "One time someone came in with their whole tractor and bin. And Cam is not the kind of person to do something like this."

WDC Middle/High School Principal Tyler Church said it was one to remember.

"This is definitely the most interesting prom proposals that I've seen in my 11 years here," Church said next to the small crowd that formed on the sidewalk. "You know, this is going to lead to other people thinking that they've got to do something different. I hope they keep it appropriate like you did."

The prom couple said they don't plan to ride horse into the WDC prom on April 25, but the animals will likely be a part of their pictures. Michaela has been riding since age 5 and is very active in horsemanship. Cameron has been known to saddle up from time to time, too.