BISMARCK — A SWAT team shot and killed a 30-year-old Bismarck man who barricaded himself inside a home with a gun.

Several people called police Thursday evening, Jan. 9, reporting a lot of noises consisting with sawing and hammering. According to the Bismarck Police Department, one caller told police dispatcher they heard a man say he had a bomb at the 100 block of Riverside Park Road.

Two people also called police, one was a delivery driver, stating a man brandished a handgun and said he had several more guns inside.

Law enforcement evacuated the neighborhood.

According to Bismarck police, officers tried getting the man to come out but he only threatened them, saying he had several rounds of ammunition and could blow up the neighbor's wall.

The West Dakota SWAT team was brought in, and police say that's when they heard gunshots from inside the home.

Authorities say the suspect shot out a window on the second-floor before swat officers fired back.

Afterwards, they say they found the man dead inside the home.

The officers involved are on administrative leave.

Police haven't released the name of the man who died.

This is a developing story.