DULUTH — Stunt snowmobiler Levi LaVallee was retrieved from the water off the end of Rice's Point in the Duluth-Superior Harbor by the Duluth Fire Department late Monday afternoon, March 1, according to Duluth city spokesperson Kate Van Daele.

LaVallee has been filming various stunts around Duluth for the past few days. The fire department was standing by on the scene of the stunt to provide support in case of an emergency. Van Daele said LaVallee was able to be retrieved in "under a minute" by the fire department's Marine 3 unit.

"We can confirm that LaVallee was retrieved swiftly and safely from the water," Van Daele said. "The film team will communicate if there are any changes to the project moving forward."

LaVallee is known for his daredevil urban snowmobile piece he shot with support of Red Bull in 2016.