Cass County 4-H youth participate in the county fair to showcase the knowledge and skills they’ve gained throughout the year and to continue their learning experiences. The next step for many of these youth is participation at the State Fair. For more information about Cass County 4-H, contact the University of Minnesota Extension office at 218-587-8280.

Following is a list of 4-H winners at the fair. For a list of the open class and contest winners visit

Division: Champion, Reserve Champion

Club Banner: Hooves, Paws N Claws, Northern Stars

Club Booth: Hooves, Paws N Claws, Northern Stars

Club Community Pride: Northern Stars

Club Activities: Northern Stars

General 4-H Projects

Aerospace: Christopher Foster, Ashley Foster

Child & Family Development: Katey Hanson, Jarod Birr

Citizenship: Keenan Dahl

Clothing & Textiles: Ellie Smith, Emily Hanneken

Crafts Grades 6+: Veronica Hulke, Ellie Smith

Crafts Grades 3-5: Logan Wallin, Kaitlyn Hanson

Fine Arts Grades 6+: Sophie Williams, Brooke Swenson

Fine Arts Grades 3-5: Emily Hanneken, Katherine Hanneken

Cat Show: Kaitlyn Hanson

Demonstration: Hayley Carlson/Mary Sarah Sauber, Trevor Birr

Dog Exhibit: Kaitlyn Keefe

Electric: Logan Wallin

Exploring Animals: Brianna Adkins, Christopher Foster

Fishing Sports: Jayden Stevenson, Logan Wallin

Flower Gardening: Ellie Smith, Ashley Foster

Food and Nutrition: Katherine Hanneken, Claire Dahl

Forest Resources: Logan Wallin

Fruit: Claire Dahl, Katherine Hanneken

Geospatial: Hayley Carlson

Global Connections: Ashley Foster

Health: Molly Grider, Jori Ihme

Home Environment: Katey Hanson

Illustrated Presentation: Mary Sarah Sauber, Haley Calrson and Jazmin Blowers

Indoor Gardening: Haley Hamed

Livestock Demonstration: Joshua Carlson and Lane Blowers, Haley Carlson and Mary Sarah Sauber

Needle Arts: Veronica Hulke

Performing Arts: Abby Grider, Kailyn Keefe

Pet Show: Kaitlyn Hanson

Photography Grades 6+: Amber Vargo, Amber Vargo

Photography Grades 3-5: Ashley Foster, Katherine Hanneken

Quilting: Josey Grider

Safety: Claire Dahl

Self-Determined: Karl Satterlund, Trevor Birr

Shooting Sports: Tyler McAllister, Victoria Schultz

Shop: Joshua Carlson, Victoria Schultz

Small Engines: Korbyn Hulke

Vegetable Gardening: Keenen Dahl, Claire Dahl

Veterinary Science: Haley Hamed, Sophie Williams

Wildlife Biology: Samuel Sauber, Logan Wallin

Youth Leadership: Hayley Carlson

Animal Science Projects


Horse Bowl Sr Team: Sr. Team Mary Sarah Sauber, Jazmin Blowers, Hayley Carlson; Jr. Team Josh Carlson, Colton Converse, Elena Grove, Lane Blowers

Poultry Bowl: Rosie Sirucek, Mikayla Sauber, Alisha Johnson

Overall Beef: Cody Wiese, Jeremy Hoemberg

Reg. Summer Yearling: Tyler J McAllister

Reg. Jr. Yearling: Cody Wiese, Austin McAllister

Commercial Summer Yrling Heifer: Austin McAllister, Tyler J McAllister

Jr. Yearling-Commercial: Cody Wiese, Jeremy Hoemberg

Cow & Calf-Pen Commercial: Austin McAllister, Tyler J McAllister

Cow & Calf-Pen Registered: Cody Wiese, Owen Carlson

Market Steer: Amy Wiese, Cody Wiese

Commercial Calf: Brandi McAllister

Prospect Calf – Heifer: Nathaniel Adkins

Dairy Steer: Nathaniel Adkins

Showmanship-Grades 9+: Cody Wiese, Jeremy Hoemberg

Showmanship- Grades 6-8: Amy Wiese, Brandi McAllister

Showmanship – Grades 3-5: Ashley Foster, Owen Carlson

Overall Dairy Goat: Kaitlyn Hanson, Molly Grider

Dry Yearling Doe: Molly Grider

Jr. Meat Breeding Doe: Brandi McAllister

Overall Meat Goat: Austin McAllister, Brandi McAllister

Showmanship Grades 9+: Molly Grider, Haley Hamed

Showmanship Grades 6-8: Brandi McAllister

Showmanship Grades 3-5: Ashley Foster, Kaitlyn Hanson


Overall Pleasure Grades 9+: Jaime Eastman, Tyler J McAllister

Overall Pleasure Gr. 6-8: Jazmin Blowers, Briana Adkins

Overall Pony Pleasure: Brandi McAllister, Mary Sarah Sauber

Overall Pleasure Gr. 3-5: Emily Hanneken, Katherine Hanneken

Overall Games Grades 9+: Jessica Thomes, Amy Kennedy

Overall Games Grades 6-8: Jazmin Blowers, Brianna Adkins

Overall Pony Games: Tyler J McAllister, Austin McAllister

Overall Games Gr. 3-5: Katherine Hanneken, Emily Hanneken

Poultry Overall: Mikayla Sauber, Hayley Carlson

White Egg Layer: Hayley Carlson, Jorie Ihme

Brown Egg Layer: Jazmin Blowers, Samuel Sauber

Market Pen: Samuel Sauber

Breeding Pen: Mikayla Sauber, Mary Sarah Sauber

Bantam Breeding Pen: Haylay Carlson, Austin McAllister

Overall Waterfowl: Kaitlyn Hanson

Showmanship Grades 9+: Hayley Carlson, Mary Sarah Sauber

Showmanship Grades 6-8: Mikayla Sauber, Joshua Carlson

Showmanship Grades 3-5: William Sauber, Kaitlyn Hanson

Rabbit Overall: Austin McAllister, Josh Carlson

Showmanship Grades 9+: Cody Wiese, Austin McCallister

Showmanship Grades 6-8: Brandi McAllister, Jazmin Blowers

Showmanship Grades 3-5: Kaitlyn Hanson, Molly Adkins

Small Breed Sr. Buck: Cody Wiese, Kaitlyn Hanson

Small Breed Sr. Doe: Kaitlyn Hanson, Cody Wiese

Small Breed Jr. Buck: Joshua Carlson, Jorie Ihme

Small Breed Jr. Doe: Cody Wiese, Hayley Carlson

Market Rabbit: Austin McAllister, Cody Wiese

Pen of 3 Fryers: Cody Wiese

Large Breed Sr. Buck: Austin McAllister

Large Breed Sr. Doe: Kaitlyn Hanson

Large Breed Int. Buck: Kaitlyn Hanson, Austin McAllister

Large Breed Int. Doe: Austin McAllister, Kaitlyn Hanson

Large Breed Jr. Buck: Austin McAllister

Large Breed Jr. Doe: Austin McAllister, Kaitlyn Hanson

Sheep Overall: Ashley Foster, Christopher Foster

Registered Ewe Lamb: Ashley Foster, Christopher Foster

Registered Yearling Ewe: Ashley Foster, Christopher Foster

Commercial Ewe Lamb: Jeremy Hoemberg, Brandi McAllister

Commercial Yearling Ewe: Christopher Foster, Ashley Foster

Fleece: Colton Converse, Christopher Foster

Showmanship-Grades 9+: Jeremy Hoemberg

Showmanship- Grades 6-8: Christopher Foster, Brandi McAllister

Showmanship- Grades 3-5: Ashley Foster

Swine Overall: Tyler McAllister, Brandi McAllister

Registered Breeding Gilt: Tyler McAllister, Logan Carlson

Commercial Gilt: Tyler McAllister, Ashley Foster

Market Barrow: Brandi McAllister, Christopher Foster

Reg. Market Barrow: Tyler McAllister, Logan Carlson

Market Gilt: Christopher Foster, Ashley Foster

Showmanship Grades 9+: Tyler McAllister

Showmanship Grades 6-8: Christopher Foster, Brandi McAllister

Showmanship Grades 3-5: Logan Carlson, Ashley Foster

Dog Show

Agility Beginner: Olivia Adkins

Agility Elementary: Brandi McAllister, Amber Adkins

Agility Intermediate: Katrina Adkins

Agility Jumpers 1: Amber Adkins, Brandi McAllister

Agility Jumpers 2: Mikayla Sauber, Mary Sarah Sauber

Showmanship Open: Mikayla Sauber, Mary Sarah Sauber

Showmanship Novice: Katilyn Keefe, Ashley Foster


Poultry: Keenan Dahl; Rabbit: Kaitlyn Hanson; Sheep: Ashley Foster; Goats: Kaitlyn Hanson; Swine: Tyler McAllister; Beef: Jeremy Hoemberg; Horses: Amy Kennedy