Critter patrol

-- Creative problem solving was required over the weekend in Elmwood after a bear found itself in an awkward situation.

A caller reported May 2 that a female bear was found with its head stuck in a milk crate at 50th Street and County Road P in Elmwood. The bear, which had a cub with it, was freed after cooking oil was poured on its neck and ropes were attached to the milk jug, allowing the bear to pull itself out.

-- An officer on patrol April 29 at Highway 29 and County Road Y spotted two vehicles parked near the Rush River. A game warden was contacted; he said to gather information. The officer witnessed two men who appeared to be fly fishing on the Rush River. Trout were not in season in Wisconsin until May 2.

 Suspicious encounters

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-- An Ellsworth resident reported receiving an obscene phone call April 29. The complainant said a woman used an obscenity to describe herself and then told the man that she wanted to meet him for sex. The complainant hung up on the woman. An attempt to reach the female caller was unsuccessful.

-- A caller reported April 29 that a two masked people on ATVs were spotted outside a vacant house at N1360 N190th St. in Maiden Rock. The suspects fled the area after seeing neighbors. Officers didn’t find the suspects; there was no sign that entry was made to the vacant home.

-- Officers were called April 30 to 419 Pine Ave. in Plum City for a suspicious man at the end of a driveway. The man was reportedly hanging around all day and was last seen “ducking in and out of grass.” Officers didn’t find the man.

-- A woman on 635th Avenue in Prescott reported May 2 that she got a text message about “hiding bodies” from an unknown person. The message, which originated from a Minneapolis phone, stated something to the effect of, “Hey, bro. We’re in the clear. I hid the bodies.” The caller feared it might be in reference to missing girls somewhere in Minnesota. An officer searched, but couldn’t find any report in Minnesota about missing girls.

-- Officers responded April 28 to N5335 760th Ave. in Ellsworth for a woman at a home who was attacking staff. The resident, described as “aggressive,” was not arrested. She was reintroduced into the home without incident.

-- Officers responded to a disorderly person May 1 at W8766 Highway 10 in Ellsworth. A man in the bar was upset that his son was in jail. The bar-goer nearly struck a vehicle on his way into the tavern and confronted someone there about his son. The man was gone by the time officers arrived.


-- A complainant reported April 28 that a fish locator, maple syrup and money from a change box were stolen from W2519 190th Ave. in Maiden Rock. No suspects reported.

-- A caller reported April 28 that someone broke into N8323 650th St. in River Falls and stole two chocolate Labrador dogs. The complainant learned who took the dogs, which were returned. The complainant did not want to press charges.

-- Newly purchased clothing left in an unlocked vehicle parked at W8122 Highway 29 in River Falls was reported stolen April 29. An empty bag that had contained the clothes was found in a ditch.

-- A caller at 324 N. Fourth St. in River Falls reported at 2:48 a.m. May 1 that people were stealing his lawn chairs. The man went outside and the suspects took off running north on Fourth Street.

Missing vehicles

-- An officer on patrol found a stolen vehicle in the ditch April 29 at 450th Street and Highway 29 in Spring Valley. The officer learned the unoccupied vehicle had been stolen after checking with the registered owner, who said it had been stolen from his home. The registered owner did not want a report filed on the incident.

-- A man reported May 3 that his pickup truck had been stolen in the past week from Main Street in Bay City. It was determined the truck had been repossessed on April 23.

Tree troubles

-- A property owner at W8135 830th Ave. in River Falls reported April 30 that loggers were taking trees off his land. The complainant showed officers photos of multiple trees taken from inside his property line without permission. Officers attempted to contact the logging company.

Injured in Hager City

-- Officers responded May 2 to W9852 290th Ave. in Hager City for a woman who was unconscious and bleeding from the head. It was determined she had fallen off a parked bike.


-- A caller reported burglary to a basement May 2 at 542 ½ Division St. in River Falls.

-- Officers responded May 4 to a burglary at N1891 830th St. in Hager City. A main office building and a work truck had been broken into. Items were reported stolen.

Traffic troubles

-- A woman reported May 3 that someone crashed into her vehicle parked on McKay Avenue in Spring Valley, then drove off. The impact of the crash pushed three of the vehicle’s tires onto the sidewalk.

-- An officer on patrol May 2 at 1200th Street and 570th Avenue in Prescott spotted two vehicles racing. A driver was stopped and admitted to racing a friend. He was mailed a citation.

Attempted scams

-- A Bay City man reported April 27 that he received a fraudulent check through for a truck sale. The man was selling the truck for $800 and received a $2,800 check. The buyer said to cash the check and to send the $2,000 difference back. The complainant wanted to know if it was a scam. A deputy confirmed the scam and told the man to rip up the check.

-- A Prescott woman received a call April 27 from someone purporting to represent the IRS. The complainant was told she was being sued by the agency and was supposed to call back. A deputy tried calling the number and got no answer.