If you are a regular reader of Child In Need you know we generally feature one of our waiting kids. Our hope is that the article tugs at your heart strings and gets you thinking about becoming a mentor.

This week, we are taking a different approach and hoping that your business, a group you may belong to or maybe you would consider helping many of "our kids" by sponsoring a Kinship event sometime throughout the year.

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Like so many, we also have been hit by the downturn of our economy while our list of kids wanting an adult partner continues to grow.

We want to continue to provide good, healthy and fun activities for our matched partnerships and some special events for our waiting kids to help them stay connected while they wait for their adult partner.

Maybe your group or business would consider sponsoring a Kinship activity? Here is an example of an opportunity we would like to offer our kids. We would take the kids for a meal at a local restaurant, where we would teach table manners before and during the meal. We would like to include 35 to 40 Kinship kids at a cost of about $4 each. Maybe your group could provide this or another opportunity for the kids?

Maybe you have some other ideas - a building project, an outdoor activity or helping out in the community in some way. Maybe you can provide a large space, volunteer your time and/or money or would like to take a group of kids bowling or out for pizza.

You can e-mail us with ideas or questions at fun@kinshippartners.org or call Kinship Partners at (218) 829-4606 or toll free at (877) 730-5437.