Borough Mayor David Carey has decided throw his weight behind one of the six candidates seeking to take his seat in Tuesday's election.

Carey recently announced he is endorsing former state legislator and borough mayor Mike Navarre to hold the borough's top spot.

"I feel that looking clearly that Mike has the background as well as the energy and the correct perspective," he said.

Carey said it was a hard decision to make, considering he knows all of the other candidates and feels they too are "good candidates." But, he said the borough is headed toward "difficult times."

"In this borough we have 27 schools that we work with in terms of maintenance," he said. "We have people in Homer, we have people in Seward, we have a number of different service areas and I think that (we need) someone who is accustomed to working with a lot of different people, with a common goal ... and I think (Navarre) has the background to make sure he keeps in place the team that's necessary to run this borough for the next few years."

Carey added some other candidates seem to have a "relatively narrow group" that they will seek to represent "very well."

"I believe Mike Navarre is committed - and I have met with him a number of times to talk about this - he is committed to representing everyone, and that's the best government we need for the future," Carey said.

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