It'll be a repeat of the fall 2010 Wisconsin governor's election: Republican Scott Walker and Democrat Tom Barrett. Barrett, mayor of Milwaukee, defeated three other Democrat opponents and one fake Democrat in the Tuesday, May 8, recall primary. Barrett edged out his closest competitor, Kathleen Falk, in River Falls, Pierce County, St. Croix County and in the state (390,109 to 228,940).

Gov. Scott Walker routed a fake Republican candidate, Arthur Kohl-Riggs, 629,638 to 19,920. The vote was a little closer in River Falls, with Walker winning 326 to 140.

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In the lieutenant governor Democrat primary, Mahlon Mitchell got the most votes statewide with 395,944. His closest opponent was fake Democrat Isaac Weix of Elmwood, with 197,052. Mitchell will face Republican Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch in next month's recall. Kleefisch didn't have a primary election opponent.

Walker and Barrett will have their rematch for the June 5 recall election. Walker beat Barrett in 2010 with roughly 52% of the vote.