■ Joyce M. Johnson

Age: 84.

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Live: Brainerd. “I grew up in Little Falls, graduating from high school in 1947 and I have lived in Brainerd for at least 30 years.”

What’s in your name: “There are five Joyce Johnsons in Brainerd. A pharmacy in town told me that one time when I was picking up a prescription. It’s a common name, I don’t know if they all spell their last name with an “on” or not. I don’t know any of them.”

What did you do as a career before you retired: “I owned a hair salon business called “DoSet.” It was located in the Elks building. I did that for 22 years. I then worked as a bartender for 21 years. I worked at Jeff’s Bar on the west side of Brainerd and the Moose Club, both of them are no longer around.”

Family: “My husband, Bud Johnson, has been gone for five years since last April. He owned Bud’s Auto Repair for more than 30 years in town. We unfortunately never had any children. We had lots of dogs over the years. I don’t have any pets now.”

Favorite hair story when you were a beautician: “It was when I lived in Grand Marais. There were some people working on the roof and there was a gal in the bathroom when the roof caved in and they fell in where she was. There was a woman getting her hair done, who was a writer, and she said, ‘I always wanted to write a story about a bathroom.’ No one was hurt in the collapse.”

Favorite card game: “500. I play every Tuesday and Friday at The Center in Brainerd. On Monday I play cribbage.”

Favorite childhood Christmas present: “A wooden sled. I got it from my parents when I was 8 or 9. We only got one present each year and I wanted that sled for a long time.”

Favorite Christmas cookie: Sugar cut-outs.

Hobby: “I like to go bowling and dancing. I bowl once a week at Jack’s House and I dance at the senior center in Pillager. The dances are every week. I love music, any kind of music.

“I sang in the choir at my church in St. Mathias for 20 years. ... I go on a lot of day trips to concerts in Chanhassen and concerts in the area throughout the year. I recently attended a Heartland Symphony Orchestra concert (Dec. 7-8).”

Last trip you were on: “I went to Europe three years ago. I toured 10 different countries in one month. My favorite place on the trip was traveling to Rome.”


- Compiled by Jennifer Stockinger, Staff Writer.