I did something different this Easter. I had chloroplast signs professionally made that simply stated “You are loved” with no marketing or agenda included. Three friends joined me as we stood on a busy road and held them up, waving and smiling, as the cars passed by. There were many interesting observations and lessons.

The reactions of the people in the vehicles were fascinating. Some quickly and willingly smiled and waved back. Others reluctantly waved. Some honked their horns as if to say, “Thank you. I agree with your message and support you letting people know this.” Others stared straight ahead, as if we were not there. We received two middle fingers. The one I received was from a man in his mid-20s. I smiled and waved. He looked right at me and held his middle finger up. That was fine. I am glad he expressed his opinion. I am guessing there is or was significant pain from a past experience or life challenge. Perhaps he is the one I was there for. Not to respond in any way other than to continue waving and smiling trying to lighten someone’s burden.

I was reminded how much I connect with and experience God by doing something for him, for people, with other believers. I desire to live with a faith in motion; a faith that is lived out 24/7.

This project made my Easter. It seemed a tad crazy to do but I kept thinking about how crazy God’s love for us is. As I showed God’s love, I received his love. The depth and significance of his love exploded in my soul.

In 2017 Cory Asbury wrote a song about God’s love called “Reckless Love.” When I first heard the song and then sang it in church that word “reckless” to describe God’s love shocked me. I wondered if it was appropriate. Some people object to that description for God’s love.

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The more I think about it, and the entire lyrics of the song, the more it connects with me. It is reckless in that God’s love is not safe, comfortable, controlled or logical from a human perspective. God’s reckless love is epitomized in the commitment his son, Jesus, made to following through on God’s radical rescue plan. God visibly showed his love for us through the brutal death and victorious resurrection of Jesus. Never again do people have to question if they are loved. They are loved unconditionally by their Divine Creator! We can’t earn God’s love. We don’t deserve it. But you are loved!

It was very difficult to stop. One of my friends said, “Five more minutes,” four or five times. There was a sense that if we stop now, there is someone who desperately needs to hear this who has yet to drive by. I was not expecting to have such mixed emotions about stopping!

Why did we do this? We did this simply to encourage the one person that is going through a difficult time and truly wonders if they matter? Are they loved? We often view our worth, our hope, and our sense of security and love through the lens of our current circumstances. We wanted to inspire people to consider a different lens, the lens of Easter! God bless you! You are loved!

Jon is a pastor and leadership coach and can be reached at jon@growingforwardtoday.com.