ULEN, Minn. — It's the time of year when a lot of high school seniors all dressed up, posing for their senior pictures.

But one student in Ulen, Minn., decided her senior pictures would include more than just herself.

A few months ago, Ulen-Hitterdal High School student Alyssa Anderson's dad, Michael Anderson, died from liver cancer at age 49.

"He did everything with us, we rode four-wheelers, anything you could think of, we did everything together," the 17-year-old said.

Her mother, Laurie Anderson, decided to surprise her daughter with a dream photo shoot in Nebraska with a photographer who specializes in taking pictures of families who have lost loved ones serving in the military and law enforcement. The style she uses is called ghosting.

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"I was super happy, especially when she told me why we were going down there," Anderson said of her mom's surprise.

Anderson's senior picture now includes someone she loved so much, but lost. Her father can be seen standing beside her in her senior photos.

"It definitely helps, it's a good thing to look back on, he (my father) may not be there physically but he was there spiritually and it just helped me quite a bit knowing that," Anderson said.

The school year will soon be starting in Ulen. For the Andersons, it has been a year of loss — and 2020 has been crazy — so with her senior year upcoming, the family is hoping for new beginnings.

"This is a little, memorable point, because there has been so much bad that has happened, I am hoping this is a little, memorable turnaround," Laurie Anderson said.

You can learn more about the photographer by visiting her website, snapshotsbysuz.com.