STAPLES - Staples-Motley fourth- and fifth-graders enjoyed two days of after-school learning Dec. 6 and 8 at Central Lakes College in Staples. Their teachers were CLC students in anatomy and physiology, whose service-learning exercise required them to provide stations demonstrating skeletal, muscular and nervous systems.

The CLC students are enrolled in a semester-long class taught by Ann Domagala, biology and chemistry instructor. They worked in teams to offer interactive exploration and measurable outcomes.

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The collegians included Michelle Herbst, Stephanie St. Hilair, Erica Munsch, and Becky George, Baxter; Meleah Holbrook, JoLeen Buchta, Laura Moore, Anne Holker, and Rachel Keehr, Brainerd; Alanna Tibbetts, Aitkin; Amanda Brown, Staples; Ryan Markham, Pequot Lakes; Jennifer Swanson, Upsala; Nanci Dupre, Royalton; Meg McArdell, Fort Ripley; Leah Peterson, St. Cloud; and Molly Anderson, Randall.

The Staples Elementary school children, chaperoned by Laurel Houselog, were fourth graders Rachel Isenberg, Ashley Black, Isabella Martin, Hunter Klimek, Kaitlyn Smith, Alex DeGeest, Isaac Christoffersen, Charles Woodwick, Isaiah Ross-Bahn, Jackson Berg, Kaila Erbe, Dominic Hamann, Nicholas Sharma, and Jonah Johnson and fifth graders Ben Bartczak, Devon Isenberg, Jasiah Paskewitz, Larken Hirschey, Scout Strickland, Cameron Sherman, Andrew Schultz, Curtis Miles, Blayne Dumpprope, Charles Mattseon and Nancy O’Rourke.