Near the North Star Monument on Old West Main Street, a white capsule marked with red lettering was lowered into the ground Friday, not to return to the surface for another 25 years.

The time capsule is one of the ways the Red Wing Collectors Society is celebrating its 35th anniversary this week.

The capsule's contents are a secret, but organizer Brenda Schwab said they are a good snapshot in time.

"We thought about what would people be interested in seeing? ... It will be fun in 25 years to see how things have changed and who's still here to see (the items)," she said. "It's more fun to not know what's in it right now."

City Council President Ralph Rauterkus and Sen. John Howe spoke before burying the time capsule.

Rauterkus thanked the convention attendees -- estimated at 1,400 -- for being in Red Wing and "sharing the history with folks here and elsewhere."

It's that history that helped draw Schwab, from Webb City, Mo., to Red Wing pottery and the time capsule project, she said.

"I look at a jug or crock and think, 'What did someone do with this?'" she said. "All these things have a past."

Schwab started coming to conventions around 1996 after she discovered Red Wing pottery.

She likes to antique with a friend and used to collect Fiestaware. That is, until she saw a Red Wing piece in her friend's basket.

"I said 'What is that, I love it,'" she recalled. "It's been Red Wing ever since."

A break in the heavy rain Friday morning came just in time for the time capsule's burial.

Members took turns shoveling dirt onto the time capsule, which included contributions from different parts of the society, such as Kids View and Young Collectors, as well as memorabilia from the convention this year.

There was a lot of help filling the capsule, Schwab said.

"It's amazing what you get when you put that out there," she said. "People take pride in this."

Schwab hopes the people who open the capsule in 2037 will have the same fun exploring the objects as she and others did putting it together.

"I hope they'll have what I had, that excitement," she said. "That they'll see the love and dedication."

The Red Wing Collectors Society convention ends today. Remaining events include a show and sale open to the public at 1:30 p.m., commemorative lottery and banquet celebration at Provenzano's.