DEVILS LAKE, N.D. — Cathy Jacobson and Thomas McCurdy didn’t win the $100,000 prize on Fox’s "Crime Scene Kitchen" television show, but for the mother and son, the time they spent together is priceless.

“When we went into the show our focus really wasn’t on the $100,000. We enjoyed working together and striving to do well,” Jacobson said.

Jacobson, a retired coordinator for the Dakota Nursing Program at Lake Region State College in Devils Lake, and McCurdy, a pastry chef who lives in Vermont, were finalists on the weekly show.

The two spent five weeks in Glendale, Calif., while they were part of the cast. The show was hosted by Joel McCale and judged by celebrities Yolanda Gampp and Curtis Stone.

A team from Las Vegas won the season finale, which aired on Fox on Wednesday, July 21. The four teams in the final episode made a birthday cake for Gampp, a cake artist.

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The pink birthday cake that the Las Vegas team made featured sprinkles that flowed out of the top of it when cut and layers that included a chocolate and banana foster layer, topped with a fondant candle.

Jacobson’s and McCurdy’s cake was simple, elegant and had distinct, delightful flavors, Jacobson said.

“What we came up with really typifies his work,” she said.

Now that McCurdy is done being on the cast of the show, he is planning to continue working on his sustainable farm in Vermont, where he and his husband specialize in raising sweet peas and selling seed. Jacobson, meanwhile, plans to travel and to entertain friends. She learned baking techniques on "Crime Scene Kitchen" that she already is trying out.

For example, a weekend tea she is hosting for friends includes desserts such as Charlotte Royale, which is a domed cake, macaroons and cream puff swans. She has no plans to be on another baking contest show.

“I like to create events for my friends,” Jacobson said.