"Rides with Jay Thomas" kicks off its third season Sunday, as the show hits the highways and byways of our region in search of more amazing things that motor geeks will love.

Catch the show at 10:35 p.m. (9:35 p.m. for our friends on Mountain Time) on Sundays on the WDAY station network. Or watch the show on this website on Monday mornings.

"It just keeps getting better and better," said Jay Thomas, WDAY personality and host of the show.

Watch the Season 3 promo

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If you thought "Rides" was just beefed up cars, think again. You can see just about anything with a motor on "Rides." Muscle cars? Sure. But also trucks, motorcycles, over-the-top awesome go-karts, amazing garages and hangouts, and more. You may even see a plane (and some Jay Thomas bloopers) this season.

"It just about people's love of cars, trucks - really anything with a motor or an engine and their pride in their shops and their garages," Thomas said. "And we share that."

But it's about more than just the vehicles and the places. It's about how the history behind them.

"It's got to have a story," Thomas said.

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