FARGO — Hollywood actor Josh Duhamel brought his work home to North Dakota this weekend for screenings of his new film "Buddy Games," which he starred in and directed.

"Well, this is definitely a wild and outrageous movie," Duhamel told WDAY News anchor Becky Parker on Sunday, Nov. 22. "I set out to make something I love to see ... it's ultimately about friendship, brotherhood, how friendships become important as we get older, more and more important as we get older."

He said while writing the script, he was inspired by his annual Buddy Games he has played with friends for more than 20 years.

"Obviously, the movie is much more heightened than anything we do," Duhamel says. "I'll warn you right know, there's a caveat. Things you see in this movie don't actually happen. Most of the things you see in this movie don't actually happen. But it is wild, it is fun, it is competitive. It's really about friendship."

In addition to starring in the film, "Buddy Games" is also Duhamel's directorial debut.

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"Well, I've always wanted to direct. I always felt, even from early on in my career, I always felt like I could do it," Duhamel said "My biggest fear was whether or not I could actually do it. Could I handle the crew of 100 people and would I be able to answer all the questions that come at you, because when you're directing something, you're not just directing, you're also answering from the wardrobe department, or the art department, or the camera department, or locations, or producers, or money, or whatever it is."

While the COVID-19 pandemic did cause some delays during filming, Duhamel contends that this experience has not scared him from directing any future products.

"I'd love to. I don't think the next one will be quite as wild and raunchy," Duhamel notes. "But I partly did it knowing I was going to get absolutely skewered by the critics, and I don't care ... I learned to sort of develop the thick skin when it comes to that."

"Buddy Games" is now showing in theaters and will be released on DVD as well as streaming on Tuesday, Nov. 24.