MINOT, N.D. — It'll make you look twice. Maybe 100 times. The signs reads: "100 free tacos."

Now that's an attention-grabber.

There's a slight catch though, you need to purchase a home before receiving the 100 free tacos. The incentive is being offered by Nathan Stremick of Signal Realtors of Minot.

"It's definitely created a lot of buzz. I've had calls about it," said Stremick. "Some people think there's free tacos just sitting out there and they ask how to get them."

The answer is — buy the house. There's currently three homes for sale in Minot with the free taco offer. The signs have only been up for a few weeks. There's been no sales closed yet on homes with the free taco signs, but one is in the works.

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"We'll have to figure out how they want their 100 tacos," said Stremick. "They can be in a bag or I'll set up a taco bar if they are moving and they can eat all the tacos they want."

People find the taco offer interesting, intriguing and humorous. The 100 free tacos signs in front of properties for sale have been photographed by many who have shared the pictures with others through text messages and various social media.

Stremick said he's not sure where the idea for the promotion originated, only that a group of guys gathered together decided to give it a try.

"I'd heard about. My brother-in-law said he saw a sign like that somewhere," said Stremick. "I don't know where it came from for sure."

It's definitely a first for Minot and sometime soon a new home owner will be deciding how to best consume 100 tacos.