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DNR studying health impacts of lead bullets

This fall, dove hunters on public land in Wisconsin will have to use bullets made without lead.

Now, the Department of Natural Resources is trying to assess the health impacts of lead bullets in bigger game, namely deer.

Recently, several Midwest states issued warnings about lead contamination from bullets in donated venison.

Wisconsin didn't issue a warning but the Department of Natural Resources is taking a closer look at possible lead poisoning of wildlife and humans.

Julie Langenberg, DNR veterinarian, says donated venison will be tested for lead, along with field samples from hunters.

Some hunters think concern about possible contamination from lead bullets is overblown.

Greg Kazmierski says he believes other states' warnings and Wisconsin's testing of deer meat might have a chilling effect on donation of venison to pantries, which has been going on for 18 years.

DNR officials say most of the venison donated to Wisconsin food pantries they checked with, has already been eaten.