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West Central North

Girls Golf

(1) Alyssa Kalthoff, Albany (2) Laura Hintzen, Sau Centre (3) Lucy Gaetz, St. Cloud Cathedral (4) Mary Spethmann, St. Cloud Cathedral (5) Breanna Osendorf, St. Cloud Cathedral (6) Christine Peters, Long Prairie-Grey Eagle (7) Aila Malik, Long Prairie-Grey Eagle (8) Cassie Shaver, Albany (9) Emily Gessell, Long Prairie-Grey Eagle (10) Amanda Erickson, Melrose (11) Amy Schiffler, Albany (12) Megan Prince (13) Erin Stocker, St. Cloud Cathedral (14) Greta Egerman, St. Cloud Cathedral (15) Lauren Dietz, New London-Spicer

Boys Golf

(1) Joey Dreier, New London-Spicer (2) Barret Freeland, New London-Spicer (5) Reid Johnson, New London-Spicer (12) Ben Schiffler, New London-Spicer (15) Kellen Bergh

NOTE: The names of the other all-conference boys golf selection were not available.