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Moorhead sweeps the field at Bemidji Invitational

The Moorhead Spuds successfully defended all four titles at the 37th annual Bemidji Invitational Cross Country meet. The event was run at Maple Ridge Golf Course in cold, wet, windy weather more suitable for duck hunting.

It made things uncomfortable for both runners and fans.

But it failed to bother Moorhead which won the boys and girls varsity and junior high titles.

Bemidji was second in all four, well ahead of the third place finisher. Five other teams ran in the two varsity events. Bemidji and Moorhead had the only full junior high teams.

Moorhead took the boys varsity title with 20 points to 56 for the Jacks. Crosby-Ironton was a distant third with 109 with Detroit Lakes and Warroad the next two.

Tyler Iverson retained his individual title, traveling the 5,000 meter route in 16:44.

Teammate Jacob Lindaas was 14 seconds back in second with Eric Mohrbacher of Warroad third, Erik Hanson of Moorhead fourth and Derek Smith of Bemidji fifth.

For the Jacks, Waylon Manske was 1o, Andrew Papke-Larson 11, Jake Sorby 14 and Rob Jenson 17 to complete the scoring.

The kickers were Erik Truedson 18 and James Powell 23.

Then came Nick Hudson 29, Tom Roetman 34, Chris Gustafson 37, Leif Voltz 43, Jake Fisher 57, Chris Bowman 58, John Thompson 62, T.J. McDonald 66, Matt Fossen 95 and Alex Nedeau 99.

Moorhead won the girls crown with 20 points to 44 for Bemidji. Detroit Lakes was third with 95 and Crosby and Baudette rounded out the top five.

Hannah Stordahl of Moorhead won the 4,000 meter race in 15:41, six seconds ahead of Jill Smith of Bemidji who paced the squad for the first time this fall.

But Rachel Mjones, Leah Hansen and Kaylee Litch of Moorhead were 3-4-5 with Stephanie Marsh of Bemidji sixth. Jessie Lovering was ninth and Ashley Erickson 11 and Hannah Wangberg 17 to complete the scoring.

The kickers were Ali Hougen 22 and Jenny Lovering 26.

Then came Brynn Stember 41, Brynn Nelson 48, Tiffany Mason 55, Kylie Detschman 63, Dacia Barrett 68, Zoey Benner 69 and Elenore Bricca 72 in a field of 93.

Moorhead took the Junior High boys title with 23 points to 32 for Bemidji. Thief River and Warroad entered four runners and Lake of the Woods one.

Moorhead had 12 runners and Bemidji 29.

Nick Geraghty of Moorhead won the 3,200 meter test in 11:49 to top a 1-2-4-7-10 finish.

Bemidji went 3-5-6-8-10.

Corey Huber was third, six seconds off the lead. Tanner Solheim and Josh Kane went 5-6 with John Buckanaga eighth and Justin Byers 10.

The came Adam Felix 13, Darren Chock 14, Dan Will 17, Ben Kramka 18, Steve Guilfoile 19, and Devin Danielson 21.

They were followed by Dan Clemenson 22, Ryan Erickson 25, Andy Berube 26, Joe Daniels 27, Scott Haselbus 28, Jordan Koepp 29, Trent Buckanaga 30, Brandon Supalla 33, Derek Davis 33, Chas Eckman 34, Eli Rassler 36, Zach Rickers 38, Wes Mason 39, Devin Barrett 40, Jack Boyer 45, Robert Mason 46 and Josh Dreyer 50.

The Spuds won the girls junior high title with 18 points to 43 for Bemidji with Thief River, Warroad and LOW entering one runner.

Katie Rosenfeldt of Moorhead won in 13:15, one second ahead of teammate Tatum Grundstrom.

Kim Truedson of Bemidji was third with Bailey Drewes seventh. Moorhead took seven of the top nine spots.

Amber Solheim was 10, Tiana Stinar 11 and Leanne Oakes 12 to complete the scoring.

The kickers were Alex Lyren 13 and Hana Felix 14.

They were followed home by Kaitlin Bakker 22, Maya Grantier 24, Amy Frosaker 26 and Heather Kime 27.

The final event for the harriers is the Section 8AA meet at Rocori Oct. 27.


Boys Varsity

Team totals: Moorhead 20, Bemidji 56, Crosby-Ironton 109, Detroit Lakes 113, Warroad 118, Lake of the Woods 130, Thief River Falls 225

Individual (16:44.0) 1. Tyler Iverson, Mhd; 2. Jacob Lindaas, Mhd; 3. Eric Mohrbacher, Wrd; 4. Erik Hanson, Mhd; 5. Derek Smith, Bem; 6. Tom Sederquist, Mhd; 7. Lukas Germer, Mhd; 8. Peter Vukelichb, C-I; 9. Tim Lillehaugen, Mhd; 10. Waylon Manske. Bem.

Girls Varsity

Team totals: Moorhead 20, Bemidji 44, Detroit Lakes 95, Crosby-Ironton 97, LOW 141, Warroad 144, Thief River Falls 210

Individual (15:41.0) 1. Hannah Stordahl, Mhd; 2. Jill Smith, Bem; 3. Rachel Mjones, Mhd; 4. Leah Hansen, Mhd; 5. Kaylee Litch, Mhd; 6. Stephanie Marsh, Bem; 7. Amber Henne, Mhd; 8. Jessie Lovering, Bem; 9. Stacey Gustafson, C-I; 10. Madie Heinrich, LOW.

Boys Junior High

Team totals: Moorhead 23, Bemidji 32

Individual (11:49.0) 1. Nick Geraghty, Mhd; 2. Brendan Johnson, Mhd; 3. Corey Huber, Bem; 4. Chris Larson, Mhd; 5. Tanner Solheim, Bem; 6.Josh Kane, Bem; 7. Jake Geraghty, Mhd; 8. Branden Skime, TRF; 9. John Buckanaga, Bem; 10. Derrick Nelson, Mhd.

Girls Junior High

Team totals; Moorhead 18, Bemidji 43

Individual (13:15.0) 1. Katie Rosenfeldt, Mhd; 2. Tatum Grundstrom, Mhd; 3. Kim Truedson, Bem; 4. Mikayla Carey, Mhd; 5. Mackenzie Randklev, Mhd; 6. Maggie Gulsvig, Mhd; 7. Bailey Drewes, Bem; 8. Amanda Casselton, Mhd; 9. Karlee Richards, Mhd; 10.Emily Jones, TRF