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Circle around Hawk Ridge for an upcoming literary feast

Laura Erickson holds a kestrel, the smallest type of falcon, at Hawk Ridge Observatory in Duluth. Erickson and illustrator Betsy Bowen will be at Hawk Ridge Sept. 15 and 22 to talk about their new book, "Hawk Ridge: Minnesota's Birds of Prey." (Photo submitted by Laura Erickson)

If you're even mildly interested in birding, you'll want to watch for two upcoming events in Duluth like a hawk.

Saturday, Sept. 15 and 22, Laura Erickson and Betsy Bowen will talk about their new book at Hawk Ridge Observatory. Titled "Hawk Ridge: Minnesota's Birds of Prey," the book is a guide to the hawks of Minnesota and offers many illustrations.

"We're hitting the peak of Hawk migration right now," said Erickson, one of Minnesota's best-known bird authorities. "I'm hoping people will be up at the ridge enjoying a spectacular Saturday, seeing a lot of hawks flying over and getting a better understanding of the excitement hawks arouse and why they're so exciting."

Erickson, of Duluth, has written four previous books, one of which won the National Outdoor Book Award. She also hosts "For the Birds," a daily nationally aired radio spot and iTunes podcast.

Attending the events with Erickson will be the illustrator of the book, Betsy Bowen of Grand Marais. With several book illustration credits to her name, she is highly regarded throughout Minnesota for her work as a woodcut printmaker and painter.

The Sept. 15 event will be a meet and greet from 12 p.m. until 4 p.m. The Sept. 22 event is a book-signing along with a lecture beginning at 1 p.m.

and concluding at 2 p.m.

"Laura is such as great writer with a phenomenal wealth of knowledge," said Bowen. "For me, being able to celebrate the natural world is meaningful. Hopefully, my little bit of artistically portraying what I think of as the spirit of the birds will help get all of us out there. That's the best inspiration -- to go out and look for some birds in real life."

Both events take place at Hawk Ridge Observatory, located at 3980 East Skyline Parkway.

Space for the lecture is limited. RSVP to or call 218.428.6209 by

September 17.

Learn more about the events at For more information about the book, visit the book's webpage at books/hawk-ridge.