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Discover Duluth: 'Forgotten Park' (ONLINE EXCLUSIVE)

Of all the hidden gems in Duluth, "Forgotten Park" is probably the most unsettling.

Sure, Graffiti Graveyard has its moments -- like random rotting deer carcasses and garbage galore -- but they're nothing compared to this. No, this place is just a little more sinister.

To be blunt, if a filmmaker needed a location to shoot a this-is-what-America-will-look-like-after-the-apocalypse scenario, I can think of no better place. It looks like a scene straight out of "The Mutants of 2051 A.D."

What sets "Forgotten Park" apart from the rest of the green spaces in Duluth is that it's been abandoned ... for years. Its two main attractions, a baseball field and basketball/tennis court, are completely overgrown. (In fact, a mammoth tree now sits in place of half court.)

And it turns out that "Forgotten Park" isn't even actually a park.

"It is part of Central Park," said Tom Kasper, Duluth's official city gardener and expert on all things recreation in the Zenith City. "Which itself is a bit of a forgotten park."

Kasper also noted that Central Park, which has been around for more than 100 years, was once called "Zenith Park" because of the views it affords visitors.

Park or no park, the area known as "Forgotten Park" is still a fascinating find for those seeking something a little off the beaten path. To get there, head east on 13th Street West from Piedmont Avenue for a few blocks until its terminus. There is a small turnaround with a dirt trail that leads you right up to the basketball court. (Looking toward Skyline Parkway, the baseball field -- complete with an old-time Dr. Pepper scoreboard -- is right up the hill.)

"Forgotten Park" can also be accessed via the Superior Hiking Trail, as its section from North 24th Avenue West to Twin Ponds runs right through it.

"Discover Duluth" is an ongoing photo essay series by Matthew R. Perrine that highlights points of interest in and around the region. For more photos from this set, click on the accompanying photo gallery.