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Discover Duluth Redux: Duluth Woman's Club

Duluth Woman's Club circa April 2007. Matthew R. Perrine/Budgeteer News

Originally published April 20, 2007, on

Although the Duluth Woman's Club was officially formed in 1924, it would be another 12 years until it moved to its current location at 2400 E. Superior St.

According to a history of the club written in 1997, its 400 members paid off the $18,000 mortgage for the former home of Alexander Hartman in less than two years.

The expansive home, which was designed by Chicago's Frederic W. Perking, was furnished through the years by gifts from Woman's Club members -- including a library table from the illustrious Elizabeth Congdon.

It was completely redecorated in the early '90s.

"Discover Duluth" is an ongoing photo essay series by Matthew R. Perrine that highlights points of interest around the region.