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Metallica fans are ready to rock in Grand Forks

GRAND FORKS – (WDAZ-TV) -- People in Grand Forks are getting ready to rock.

Metallica's concert is just one day away.

One of Metallica's biggest fans lives right here in Grand Forks.

"It's four guys making loud music that lets you get your aggression out," said fan Jose Gil.

He’s got the memorabilia to prove it.

"This is probably the one thing right now that I really like a lot. This thing actually sells for $360 bucks. Something ridiculous like that."

Hundreds of posters, albums and guitar picks line his basement.

Some of the items he even got for free.

One of his most precious gifts given to him by a band member.

"The guitarist, Kirk Hammett, was throwing picks out.  He's got a red solo cup and one of them just like hits my forehead and lands on my hand and I'm like oh my god I actually got a pick. So I was like this is pretty cool."

Tonight, he's throwing a party for other fans.

The heavy metal band is trying to break an Alerus Center record by selling more than 20,000 tickets. Nearly every hotel in the city is booked.

"I mean the music is great and seeing the band jam out,” said Gil. “But being in the big sea of people where we're all focused on the music that's really cool."

After 30 years and 26 Metallica Metallica shows across the country he wants to jump the pond and follow them to Europe next year.

Gil even helps manage an Instagram account called Fargo the Bell Tolls, a club with a name that's a reference to one of their most well-known songs.

He's hoping tomorrow's show will be another smash hit for the band that has been rocking since 1981. 

“It's gonna be awesome we gotta break that record," said Gil.

Guitar riffs and good times.

The concert is tomorrow at the Alerus Center.

Doors open at 6 pm.

Tickets are still available.