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2 arrested in Dickinson for alleged prostitution

Corey Carlton1 / 2
Sabrina St. Clair2 / 2

Two California women were arrested Thursday for alleged prostitution in Dickinson and a Wyoming man was arrested for allegedly soliciting prostitution.

Police announced Tuesday that Corey Carlton, 25, Sacramento, and Sabrina St. Clair, 27, San Jose, face prostitution charges, said Karen Buresh, municipal clerk of court.

Eric Smith, 38, of Rock Springs, Wyo., was arrested for allegedly soliciting prostitution, said Dickinson Police Capt. David Wilkie.

An officer went to the Red Coach Lounge in the Quality Inn and Suites on Thursday evening after a customer complained, Wilkie said.

"They were not discrete at all about what they were doing," he said.

The hotel, which Wilkie said the accused women had also been staying at, is across the street from the Law Enforcement Center.

"The man has been working in the area," Wilkie said. "The girls came up here specifically to make money. They came up here to hook."

Mayor Dennis Johnson said he is "surprised and disappointed."

"I really hadn't heard about that type of thing going on in Dickinson," he said. "I would hope that we would not have that kind of activity going on in our community."

Wilkie is unaware of any other arrests for prostitution in Dickinson in recent years.

"We're aware of things like sex for drugs," he said. "I wouldn't say that's a constant, ongoing thing, but is a thing that we've heard rumors of."

Wilkie expects the problem to become more prevalent as energy activity escalates.

"There's an indication that there is more here," he said.

Johnson is expecting population projections in May.

"I suspect that they're going to tell us that we're going to grow quite a bit," Johnson said. "I think really the whole city government has been preparing and bracing for quite a bit more growth and along with a growth in population will also come some things that aren't quite as desirable."

Police have been patrolling the Internet for possible prostitution. Some may pass themselves off as escorts or massage therapists, Wilkie said.

"But really what it is, you pay $50 for a massage and $200 for sex," Wilkie said.

True escorts and masseuses are not breaking the law, he added.

"An escort is generally described as a young, pretty woman that a man wants to have on his arm," Wilkie said. "An escort is for companionship. A prostitute is for sexual companionship."

Carlton and St. Clair are charged with prostitution, a Class B misdemeanor. Smith doesn't face municipal charges, but he may face district court charges for the alleged solicitation, Buresh said.

Soliciting a prostitute is a Class A misdemeanor, Wilkie said.

All three are out on $300 bonds, Buresh said.

Quality Inn staff would not comment Tuesday afternoon.

Phone numbers for the accused could not be located.